Yugioh has joined nintendo storm as are 5th competitive game!

We do go by the most recent rules in yugioh. and of course use the ban list.

Ban list: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/

Learn more about competetive yugioh: http://pojo.com/yu-gi-oh/index.shtml

need help making a deck? try buying a STRUCTURE DECK. basically if you see a box that say's structure deck. it will have alot of nice combos built in (of course you most likely must change cards to go with the ban list)

you can buy them at stores like target, wal-mart, ebay, collectors cache, amazon, etc.

contact me if you need any help.

U-GEN Kurogane THIRD, T18_ Rockman X2 Opening Stage.mp3

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