Simple Pokemon Ban List (Base Set – Plasma Blast)

All promo cards are banned unless printed in a set before or after

Only cards from Base Set all the way up to Plasma Blast are legal

Blastoise – Base Set – 2/102

Pidgeot – Jungle – 8 and 24/64

Dark Machamp  -Team Rocket – 10 and 27/82

Feraligatr – Neo-genesis – 5/111

Dark Donphan – neo-detiny - 3/105

Flygon – EX-Dragons – 4/97

Skarmory – EX-Dragons – 21/97

Blastoise EX – EX-Leafgreen/Firered – 104/112

Feraligatr – EX Unseen Forces – 4/115

Espeon EX – EX Unseen Forces - 102/115

Cradily – EX Legend Makers – 3/92

Crawdaunt EX – EX Holon Phantoms – 99/110

Delcatty EX – EX Crystal Guardians – 91/100

Dialga – Diamon and Pearl – 1/130

Dusknoir – Diamond and Pearl – 2/130

Shiftry – Diamond and Pearl – 14/130

Feraligatr – Mysterious Treasures – 8/123

Walrein – Mysterious Treasures – 39/123

Blastoise – Secret Wonders – 2/132

Weavile – Secret Wonders – 40/132

Togekiss – Great Encounters – 11/106

Dialga – Great Encounters – 16/106

Palkia – Great Encounters – 26/106

Crawdaunt – Legends Awakened – 22/146

Rhyperior LV.X – Legends Awakened – 145/146

Staraptor – Stormfront – 27/100

Palkia G lv.X – Platinum – 125/127

Machamp GL – Rising Rivals – 46/111

Expert Belt – Arceus – 87/99

Feraligatr Prime – HGSS – 108/123

Ditto – HGSS: Triumphant – 17/102

Emboar – Black and White – 20/114 (100/99 for reprint)

Shiftry – Next Destinies – 72/99

Carnivine – Dark Explorers – 5/108

Blastoise – Boundaries Crossed – 31/149 (137/135 for reprint) (16/101 for other reprint)

Crystal Edge – Boundaries Crossed – 138/149

Crystal Wall – Boundaries Crossed – 139/149

Dusknoir – Boundaries Crossed – 63/149 (Reprinted in Plasma Blast)

Sharpedo – HGSS: Triumphant – 30/102

Victory Piece – 130/135

G Booster – Plasma Blast – 92/101

G Scope – Plasma Blast – 93/101

Banette – Triumphant – 14/102

Banette – Platinum - 19/127 

Rock Gaurd - Plasma Freeze - 108/116


Simple Pokemon Quick Reference Sheet:

Intro: This game play's by the same battle mechanics as the pokemon tcg, But there are no prize cards, and the goal of the game is to knock out all 6 of your opponents pokemon. 

How to build a team: The components for your team build is

6 pokemon

Up to 24 Basic Energy (4 can be special)

6 Extra slots of space that can contain: Tools, Level X's, or Technical Machines

What are the limitations? The card pool?:

The game allows any pokemon, special energy, pokemon toll, and level x's to be played from Base Set all the way up to the most recent set. But there is a ban list (See Above) and certain limitaions, the ban list updates for every set.

General Clauses:

Item Clause/Level X Clause/Same Card: You cannot play 2 of the same Pokemon, Item, or Level X card in you team build. Pokemon with the same name (Like Beedrill GE and Beedrill RR) are allowed on the same team build because they are different cards

EX Clause: For general ruling, both Pokemon-ex and Pokemon-EX are considered the same thing, so when a card (like Dewgong FRLG) has an effect or attack relating to a  Pokemon-ex, it also applies for Pokemon-EX and vice versa. 

Pokemon-EX: Playing a Pokemon-EX requires 2 slots for the 6 total in a team. 

For example, I cannot have a consisting of

"Glalie, Machamp, Houndoom, Throh, Chatot, and Palkia-EX"

Becuase Palkia-EX takes up 2 slots in a team because he is a Pokemon-EX

So the team would have to be re-worked to fit Palkia-EX in. 

Example: " MachampThroh, Glalie, Chatot, and Palkia-EX"

 Pokemon-ex only take up 1 slot, but they have the downside of being an EX, meaning that the abundance of cards that counter them still work 

Setting Up:

-Place your active and the rest of your benched pokemon face-down on set-up

-you or your opponent flip a coin, the other calls heads or tails. If called right, that person goes first

-You may attach up to 2 energies a turn, the person who goes first cannot attack on the first turn

General Game Mechanic Changes:

The Hand and Deck = Energy Pile : The remaining cards you hold (your energy and tools for the most time) are referenced as the "Energy Pile". When a card in this game is referring to your hand or deck, the terms hand and deck are re-directed to referring now to your Energy Pile

Basically, -Your energy pile is treated as both your deck and hand.

Example: -When a card say's "discard the top card of a player's deck", the player being targeted instead fans out their energy pile (without showing) and the opponent selects the card or cards randomly. 

So, if I use Celestial Roar, I would fan out my energy pile (without showing), and my opponent would randomly choose the X amount of cards for the effect (in this case, 3)

In another example, if my opponent uses "Toppling Wind", (refer to the top mechanic for how to use it) I would fan out my energy pile and my opponent would choose X amount of cards to be discarded, in this case 3.

From the Hand effects: 

-Pokemon attacks, or powers,/effects that refer to only working when played from the hand that turn, translate to "you may use the effect of this power/attack/effect once per game" (of course you can only apply this when it's appropriate, so you can use "Flash Bite" one per game on your turn at anytime, but not your opponents)

-Any effect that makes your opponent's hand discard DOWN to an X amount of cards does not work. 

Example: Purugly G

-Cards that list a certain amount of cards to discard (like Ambipom TR) Are totally fine.

Stadium's: Most tournament matches will always have a stadium out before-hand, There are no changes to how stadium's work in this game other than any new mechanic changes in simple pokemon (like the energy pile = Deck/Hand, the rules on powers/abillities, etc.)

The Stadium is both yours and your opponents, so if I use "sandwall" , I can treat the stadium out as either mine (and just do the 40 damage) or my opponents (and get the discard effect). So in this case, the stadium would go to my opponent's discard pile.

Other Changes/Additons:

-Abillities and Pokemon-Powers are treated as Both Poke-powers and Poke-bodies . While Poke-Powers are only Poke-Powers, and Poke-Bodies are only Poke-Bodies

-All special conditions are the same in this game.

-During your turn, you have the choice to "Switch for turn" in this game, what this does is it let's your pokemon Switch with one of your benched pokemon at the cost of your turn ending without an attack (This does not count as a retreat)

-During your turn, you also have the choice to "Struggle". Where you place 1 damage counter on your active pokemon and the defending pokemon. Your turn ends after this.

-Other general rules like leveling up, attaching tools, and returning to the hand, deck, etc. Apply as normal.

-Since there are no Prize Cards, the number of prize cards you have left equal to the number of pokemon your opponent still has out.

-Any attack or effect that makes the opponents pokemon leave the playing field in anyway (like returning it to the deck, hand, sending it to the discard, etc.) that isn't a knockout, does not work. 

Example: Driflblim UD (if take away was used, only drifblim would be sent back)

Example: I use the attack "Bombast" , and my opponent has 4 pokemon out, that translates to me having taken 2 prizes already, thus I'm doing 80 damage. 

Another Example: In order to use all the effects for "Payback" , I must only have 1 pokemon left out on my side (Most likely being Cacturne). 

NO MATTER WHAT!!!: Pokemon cannot be played down during the game, only during set-up. Anything that lets you play pokemon from your hand, deckdiscard pile, etc. Do not work. 

Example: If I used an attack that did 20 damage and let me play 2 basic pokemon from my deck, I would only do 20 damage and not be able to play the basic pokemon.

General Tips:

When building a team, consider these things:

-Have an objective: A lot of the time, having at least one objective can really help with building a team. Example, I want to use Torterra PL as my main attacker. To help Torterra's Green Blast, I'm going to run a Pokemon that can help get more energy on the board for more damage. A simple yet, effective combo.

-Cover your weakness's: After testing a team out enough, you might start seeing certain flaws or weak points in your team. In simple terms, Paper keeps beating my Rock. So I'm going to put 2 scissors on my team. 

-No Team is perfect: Everything has a weak point, in the end this game is meant of fun. Build the team you want to play!

-Diversity is good: Adding to covering your weakness's, sometimes a team with 6 completely different pokemon can be a good thing. It can be harder for your opponent to adapt and dig a deep hole in your teams game plan. 

Example Team: Absol PF, Kingdra PF, Glaceon RR, Donphan Prime,  Luxray LA, and Gardevoir SW, 

Where can I get cards?:

You can print off your entire team and any other card you need! Just make sure that the card is readable (and that the card printed is legal). Make sure to put your paper proxies in matching sleeves and try to put random card backs (misc. cards like magic to put behind the paper in the sleeve). You can also use real cards as well.

And finally: BE BROKEN!!! Honestly, don't feel guilty for abusing legal cards. I have a ban list for a reason. Come up with something innovative, make a team so barren and strong that your opponents HAVE to counter it. It's all about creativity.

Any further questions please e-mail me at 

This game updates yearly, make sure to get the new version around august every year.

Make sure you know how to play the original card game, or at least have a clean grasp of the concepts of it before learning this game

For rules on the actual tcg go to:

Donkey Kong Country 2 OST - Snakey Chantey ~ Rattle Battle Theme.mp3

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